I believe every woman carries an inheritance

from countless mothers before her. In the fabric of our being is the knowledge, ability and strength to give birth, and successfully nurture our children.

I endeavor to help women recognize and claim this powerful inheritance. My care focuses on supporting women and their partners in realizing their capabilities as parents. I endeavor to nurture the new family as they move with confidence into nurturing their newborn.

Although I am not CAPPA certified, I take to heart these words from the CAPPA description of a Postpartum Doula, and consider them an important piece of my practice:

Postpartum Doulas are skilled support persons who act as consultants and resources, not clinicians. They therefore work with the healthcare system by encouraging and promoting excellent communication between the new family and the healthcare team, encouraging informed decision making and self-advocacy, supporting the choices of the new family, providing non-clinical care, and offering appropriate resources when their observance or counseling uncovers situations that require healthcare attention.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."
~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

It is also true that families are born - partners are changed and bonds are formed that were never before. Research indicates that both parents' (biological or not) bodies and brains undergo a transformation! A great intensity and a tremendous tenderness is born into the heart of new partner-parents, and I firmly believe they also need the care a postpartum doula provides.

Blythe stayed with us for a week after our second son was born at home. She fit right in and I didn't want her to leave. She was my lactation consultant/cook/babysitter/caretaker etc... I felt so spoiled. She is incredibly knowledgeable about birth, babies, nutrition and health issues. She has a sweet gentle presence that calms both mother and baby. I highly recommend Blythe and would be happy to talk to anyone that would like more details.

Angela Glasser, LCSW Mother of Ari and Eli.

Blythe is absolutely incredible. My partner and I are first- time parents, and we're so grateful to have worked with Blythe as our birth and postpartum doula.

Blythe was such a valuable guide during our birth journey and has been an amazing resource since we brought our daughter home. As a new mom, I had so many questions about how to take care of a newborn - breastfeeding, sleep, bathing etc. She helped me with my latch, answered all my new mom questions, and gave me a helping hand. Whenever Blythe came over, I felt a greater sense of calm and confidence in this new experience.

Blythe has the best energy, wisdom, experience and I highly recommend working her.

 Kristen Rooke

My husband and I interviewed several doulas and after our interview with Blythe, we knew immediately she was the right fit for us. These interviews are awkward and strange for new parents-to-be, but Blythe stood out because beyond the standard answers, she showed a genuine interest in who we are as a couple and as parents-to-be even over Zoom. . We hired Blythe as our birth doula and she was amazing, warm, caring and guided us through the process like my own grandmother. We enjoyed our work with Blythe so much that we hired Blythe on as a postpartum doula for the first few months after the birth of our daughter.

As a postpartum doula, Blythe delivered the same genuine care, love and wisdom that she provided us as a birth doula. She made me homemade remedies to help with the postpartum recovery, came over and just did what needed to be done. -- be it dishes, making food, and of course, cuddles and helping with baby care. She also had wisdom and ideas to share beyond baby/postpartum care that was crucial to any postpartum/new parent process -- from how to politely/effectively create boundaries with well-intentioned  but overbearing grandparents, to how to handle conflicts and frustration amongst my husband and I (believe me -- they come up during those stressful no/no sleep nights.)

She was always available to answer questions and send resources via text and phone call, and I looked forward to her weekly visits with us as a chance for me to regroup, re-center myself, adn for my daughter to recieve more loving care.

We are still in touch and she is still answering questions to this day. We could not imagine the first few months without her. If you are on the fence about whether you need a postpartum doula - you do, and Blythe is the one to guide you through those early days.

_ Sylvia Wu

Dear Blythe,

We cannot tell you haw grateful we have been to have you as a trusted and loved partner in bringing our two little boys into this world. From our first marathon to this latest sprint, it has been deeply meaningful for us to have you as our guide, and to see your face both times in the delivery room. You have become such an important part of our story as a family that I cannot wait to tell our boys about the wonderful doula named Blythe that helped their parents be strong, and held them right after they entered this world. Thank you for your humor, patience, kindness and wisdom, and for empowering us as new and now slightly more experienced parents.


Devy, Abraham, Zeke and Cormac