I believe every woman carries an inheritance

from countless mothers before her. In the fabric of our being is the knowledge, ability and strength to give birth, and successfully nurture our children.

I endeavor to help women recognize and claim this powerful inheritance. Whatever the setting - hospital, birth center or home - my care focuses on supporting women and their partners in realizing the fulfillment of their desired birth experience.

"There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it."

~Sheryl Feldman


This is a testimonial from a couple whom I supported from a distance. They went into labor early and I was in the mountains for a memorial service. I want to share this as it demonstrates that, along with good prenatal support, a doula’s voice and presence are valuable even from afar:

"Thinking back, we sometimes laugh at the disconnect between our carefully laid birthing plans and Adin’s dramatic surprise entrance. In retrospect, your incredible ability to create space for us to dream was exactly what gave us the confidence to accept, reimagine and spring into action when plans quickly changed. From the moment Kashmir’s water broke your calm voice guided us in moving through the process with intention and encouraged us to advocate for what we needed. That you talked us through labor while driving hundreds of miles back to Oakland . . .is the kind of gift we could never repay or truly honor with words. Our gratitude is immeasurable."

 Etan & Kashmir

"Blythe was absolutely amazing.

No words can describe our appreciation for her presence.

Her love and support made an unimaginable difference, and we are forever grateful."

Melissa and Tyler Duncan

" Blythe was an invaluable

resource for us with the birth

of our first child. She has a real intuitive gift for knowing how

to help. During labor, which

was long and stressful,

she was both empathetic and

cool under pressure, helping

us feel positive, well

informed and confident.

She got along well with the

medical teams and helped us

all to understand each other

and communicate well. Blythe's support was priceless in helping

us navigate a challenging birth

and come away with wonderful memories and a healthy,

beautiful baby girl."

Rebecca Coolidge&JohnBlair

"Blythe stayed with us for a week after our second son was born at home. She fit right in and I didn't want her to leave. She was my lactation consultant/cook/babysitter/caretaker etc... I felt so spoiled. She is incredibly knowledgeable about birth, babies, nutrition and health issues. She has a sweet gentle presence that calms both mother and baby. I highly recommend Blythe and would be happy to talk to anyone that would like more details."

Angela Glasser, LCSW Mother of Ari and Eli.

My husband was skeptical about having a doula at first, as this was our first pregnancy/child and he didn't understand the numerous roles a birth doula performs. After meeting Blythe he was put at ease by her genuine caring nature and her vast experience, and quickly warmed up to the idea of having additional support for both of us. In the end, he could not envision a birth without Blythe's expert, steadfast and encouraging presence. As for me, I experienced unanticipated moments of dread and doubt during labor and delivery and that is when Blythe's strength and support were absolutely indispensable. Blythe's guidance and efforts helped me focus and relax when it was most critical. We are both profoundly grateful for her continued compassion and care.

Elisa and Niko Audo-Beliov

Blythe is the most amazing doula. I wanted a doula with a lot of experience who understood how important it was for me to have a VBAC. She is very knowledgeable and reassuring. Blythe made my very intense and fast labor comfortable by being proactive and therapeutic. What I loved the most is that she always knew what to do- weather it was helping me reposition, massaging, or having me smell aromatherapy- everything was done at the right time. This is a true art and Blythe really has a special gift of connecting with you and helping you achieve your birthing goal. I highly recommend her.

11/16/15 Sharnae Ly

Dear Blythe,

We cannot tell you haw grateful we have been to have you as a trusted and loved partner in bringing our two little boys into this world. From our first marathon to this latest sprint, it has been deeply meaningful for us to have you as our guide, and to see your face both times in the delivery room. You have become such an important part of our story as a family that I cannot wait to tell our boys about the wonderful doula named Blythe that helped their parents be strong, and held them right after they entered this world. Thank you for your humor, patience, kindness and wisdom, and for empowering us as new and now slightly more experienced parents.


Devy, Abraham, Zeke and Cormac

August 2017

Dear Blythe, How can we thank you enough for your steady, strong, grace filled presence during Zoe's entrance into the world? We are so grateful for your support and care which held us all.

Love + gratitude,

Kit, Nate & Zoe


Although I am DONA certified, I take to heart these words from the CAPPA Birth Doula Scope of Practice, and consider them an important piece of my practice:

She facilitates and promotes self-advocacy, informed choice, and effective communication between the family and care providers. She seeks to foster a cooperative, respectful, and positive atmosphere with all members of the birth team so that the mother can birth with confidence.