The birth you want is the birth I support.

Unsure of what you want? I will help you clarify your priorities and formulate your birth preferences through information gathering, educational sessions and personalized prenatal care.

During the sheltering in place we will meet virtually for all prenatal visits where I will help prepare you and your birthing partner to navigate the hospital or Birth Center setting. I am happy to make drop offs as needed so you can still access my library and borrow a rebozo to use in our practice sessions as well as have on hand for your labor. Our prenatal visits will have an emphasis on partner preparation. We will practice comfort measures, work with a rebozo, explore the spectrum of interventions so you and your partner are prepared with understanding and language to discuss what may come to the table, take an in depth look at labor and its important milestones, prepare for breastfeeding and early postpartum and much more. It is possible to achieve the goals you have for your birth!

Whether you choose hospital or home, plan a natural, VBAC, epidural or cesarean birth, I provide comprehensive care and support throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum time.  

My Birth Doula Care

*Frequent prenatal visits with an emphasis on partner preparation

*On call 3 weeks prior and 2 weeks post expected due date

*Phone, virtual and e-mail consultations as desired

*From a distance labor and birth support

*A personalized mini Birth Doula kit with items from my own doula bag

to use for comfort and support during your labor

*Virtual postpartum and breastfeeding support

*Fee: $2,000 (I am open to discussing your financial needs)

Interested in learning more about Birth Doulas and birth possibilities?

Watch this Independent TED Talk byBirth Doula Ginny Phang

who practices in Singapore:

As a DONA certified Birth Doula, I adhere to DONA's Standards of Practice. For a clear understanding of the Birth Doula's role please refer to this page from DONA's site: